About Us

Twizza Soft Drinks was founded by Ken Clark in 2003, when he happened to come across some antiquated soft drink manufacturing equipment. Although Ken already had his hands full with Crickley Dairy, he liked the idea of creating a soft drink line so much that he installed a state-of-the-art carbonated soft drink line on Crickley’s Queenstown site.

Thanks to a dedicated, passionate team, Twizza’s production far surpassed that of the already prosperous dairy, and the factory thrived so much that in November 2012, a second facility was opened up in Middelburg.

In the face of continuing hikes in energy prices and persistent power cuts, the Middelburg factory is committed to sustainability, with technology that is 25 per cent more efficient on power. Twizza is also harnessing the heat naturally generated from the machines to dissolve sugar for the beverages. Start to finish, it is one of the most sophisticated lines in the country. Each of Twizza’s many flavours is individually tasted, tested and perfected, so that every product on the market is as near perfect as possible.

Today, despite competition from international soft drink brands, Twizza supplies loyal consumers in the Eastern Cape and beyond with proudly South African refreshment.

The Twizza Promise

Twizza provides top-quality, innovatively flavoured soft drinks to the South African market at a competitive price, all while conducting business in a responsible, fair, environmentally-friendly manner.

Our Twizza commitment to YOU

Twizza is dedicated to meeting the needs of all our consumers and customers through:

  • the supply of affordable products of consistent quality that meet the highest food safety standards
  • a strong consumer focus
  • an emphasis on adding value for and developing partnerships with our customers and suppliers
  • a commitment to community and environmental care
  • maintaining the highest standards of manufacturing and service excellence
  • fostering an entrepreneurial spirit that leads to ongoing product and business innovation.